Target Name Description
drones IP addresses of Botnets used in DDoS attacks using various network protocols. Includes the Mirai and Reaper Botnets.
memcached IP addresses of Memcached servces used in DDoS attacks
ntp IP addresses running an unprotected NTP server, potentially used in reflection/amplication attacks
resolvers IPs running an unprotected DNS resolvers, potentially used in DNS reflection/amplication attacks
snmp IPs running an unprotected SNMP server, potentially used in SNMP reflection/amplication attacks
ssdp IPs running an SSDP/UPnP server, potentially used in SSDP reflection/amplication attacks
portmap IPs running a portmapper service subject to amplication attacks

Predefined policies

The following predefined policies are available in your account:

ADC Systems

Name Description
A10-ADC Targets the typical use cases for ADC devices
ADC-ANONYMOUS Covers attempted communications with Anonymization services such as TOR
ADC-BOTNETS Protects against communications with Command and Control devices and known members of botnets
ADC-GENERAL Blocks attempted communications with a wide array of threats including Malware droppers and Botnets
ADC-INBOUND Blocks inbound connections with suspected threat sources (not including DDoS)
ADC-MALWARE Provides intelligence data about malware droppers
ADC-VOIP Blocks connections targetting Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) servers

TPS Systems

Name Description
A10-TPS Targets the typical uses cases for TPS devices